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7周年まで? あと286日(2024年12月4日)
サービス開始から? 2271日(6年2ヶ月)
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Asmei jogo maravilhoso pena que só tem skin cara(★5)(23/8/10)
迷ってるのかい? インストールしなさい 後悔させないから このゲームのせいで、私の受験は失敗しました…それくらい面白いです(★5)(23/7/21)
Freefire what the hell auto back problem bro auto back problem solve it(★5)(23/6/12)
Plz fix the lag in Taiwan sever and plz yes glitch and if we knock and enemie sometime we are also knock plz fix it(★5)(23/5/31)
Melhor jogo pela diversão impossível enjoar(★5)(23/3/3)
ID 6814360060-10.000 kim cương(★5)(23/1/22)
荒野が重すぎてダウンロードができなくて辛かった中1の冬。その時にこのゲームを見つけました。 周りでやってる人は1人もいなかったけど、逆にそれが話題になって楽しかったです。笑 俺の青春をゲームで表すならば間違いなくこのゲームです。 最近は全然やってないけどとてもいいゲームです✌️(★5)(23/1/20)
Pls remove the revive system and we wnt our old free fire back(★5)(23/1/8)
The best game ever itss so cooll ❤️❄️🐽(★5)(23/1/6)
will top up to 1660and remove my account to 1000 diamond(★5)(22/12/23)
Why do you don’t give red angelic shirt free^_^(★5)(22/12/17)
Olha queria saber por que mts falam que queria ver ppk e procura uma menina(★5)(22/7/30)
Game rất vui nhưng cập nhật hơi tốn GB và có rất nhiều lỗi(★5)(22/7/23)
Give me 10 lakh diamond uid 1339800062(★5)(22/7/9)
ID:3067967914 Nhận 50.000 Kim Cương Mong AD xét duyệt(★5)(22/6/14)
ID: 6442489352 Nhận 10.000 kim cương Mong AD xét duyệt(★5)(22/6/6)
We can’t play free fire our server is client version pls fix fast u can we want to play our server is Indian so fix faster(★5)(22/5/2)
I have top up 90 time it doesn’t come(★5)(22/4/15)
Please help we didnt want to go Bangladesh server please we want indian server(★5)(22/3/25)
Eu quero que vocês mudem a geral porque quando se coloca geral no 0 e muito difícil de dar capa e quando você coloca no 100 o negocio fica se mexendo muito rapido e muito mais capa então Tem como vocês configurar um pouco a geral pra ser normal? Mais eu jogo todo dia free fire então não vo acusar muito:) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tá bom o jogo em(★5)(22/1/20)
Oyunda bi sorun var ne zaman girsem oyuna dosya bozuk hatası karşıma çıkıyor ya bekledim biraz sonra belki düzelir dedim ama düzelmedi ya(★5)(21/10/3)
Free fire send me 50000 diamonds uid 1650554391(★5)(21/9/29)
Iam old players of free fire . I have nothing please give me some diamond(★5)(21/9/2)
Please give me some diamonds and DJ ALOK my I’d I have no diamonds and corrector in my I’d please give me some diamonds and correctors please please. I will thankful to you Yours Obediently UID : 1807077482(★5)(21/8/19)
Justice for indian server.New bunble must be added in Magic cube section.New free emotes. Please don’t make mother’s game pay to win make it play to win.(★5)(21/8/18)
The game is good but in recent times the FREEFIRE INDIA disqualified Nepali teams without stating the proper reason. Nepali players are not getting proper opportunities to compete in the official tournament and FREEFIRE INDIA is occupying Nepali slots and completely ignoring the presence of Nepali players. We request an official tournament for Nepal. Plus ping has significantly increased for Nepali players it goes to like 600 to 800 which is not playable at all and GARENA hasn't fixed it yet.(★5)(21/8/4)
僕ははじめて一週間ほど経ちました。 武器もまあまあ量があって良いし、 コスチュームも豊富。世界チャットも中々良いけど、ダッシュがしにくい。ダッシュボタン押さないとめちゃ遅い。あと、弾ブレが中々ヤバい。 マップもPUBGっぽいしなんかなぁ… でも操作慣れたら結構楽しい。 少し課金者優勢なとこあるけど、ガチャ回せば どうにかなるかと。 総じて、個人的には大好きです。 長文失礼。(★5)(21/8/4)
We want ff better we want good ping in bd server We want best experience We want good events We want no attributes in guns like Brazil server We want no pay to win game#say no to pay2win We wants solutions for glitches and hackers And truly we love ff(★5)(21/8/3)
i have top up dimondbut i don't get my dimond(★5)(21/7/30)
Sometimes we are having mike issues Although our mike is off then also our teammates can hear us please fix it soon(★5)(21/7/23)
Plz send me season 2 Hip Hop bundle in my I’d uid 874044570(★5)(21/7/5)
All character gold 2000 alike(★5)(21/7/1)
बुब्बीसएयकफ़्फ़जयशxfsjhववे तरे gggytससउगाई(★5)(21/6/26)
タイトル通りです。謳い文句は(50人で手軽!広いマップ)ですが 全く違います。強いて言うなら(ボットの宝庫!貴方のサンドバックになってくれます)ってところです。一回対戦して即消しました。(★5)(21/5/30)
Hey ff my clothes are not downloading plzz download my clothes i am kid plzzzzz😭😭(★5)(21/5/29)
Plz remove the ping issue in Nepal(★5)(21/5/17)
#stop dominating Nepal # fere plat from for Nepal(★5)(21/5/16)
Tudo YouTube tudo fã do YouTube tem calções legal(★5)(21/5/8)
Can you please give me all the pets my id is 3080090173 please(★5)(21/4/29)
What will be MB of upcoming update(★5)(21/4/10)
I want Pakistan server because it is laging and I could not invite my friends in Pakistan server(★5)(21/3/16)
I love this game you can play it on low end device even its required high end devices please keep balancing the game so it wont fall down and die(★5)(21/3/9)
Yes we are having so problem.So,I request you to bring Nepali server. Humble request to Garena Free Fire Gorkhali. Nepali(★5)(21/2/5)
Thank you Gerena Bangladesh ,cox bazar,ukhia mulvita para(★5)(21/2/3)
Garena please give me alok please I’d looi2100s(★5)(21/1/17)
We want to buy the server because we are tired of Indian server. It is very lagging.(★5)(21/1/14)
Hi freefire We want nepali server .We are facing many problems .(★5)(21/1/4)
1 vector is good but double vector is very bad my 19 point is gone due to double vector(★5)(21/1/4)
新武器がいっぱい出たりするし 広告が全然ない事がめっちゃ嬉しかった(★5)(21/1/1)
We really need Nepali server Gerena(★5)(20/12/7)
毎日本当に楽しませて頂いてます (^人^)感謝♪このゲームは、入れた瞬間即ハマりました!ただ無課金の人(自分)とかも、ダイヤなどを使えるようにして頂ければ嬉しいです。(例えばバトルで1位になったらダイヤが貰えるとか)でもこのゲームは、本当に面白いです(★5)(20/12/6)
Please give me all pets 2000 gold UID-1813324717 Please please.(★5)(20/11/28)
Hi free fire: We want Nepali server. We are having so much problem when playing. If something add new then our game start to de lag. When we are fitting with other players our game automatic back. When we return game we have been killed by other player. When we make costume and start the costume we become back from costume. If you can’t make a server for only Nepal then you can add another one country but we should not have to face lag and auto back problem. Please!!! Listen our problem also. NEPAL 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵(★5)(20/11/6)
I am a old player I have not thing plz give me some daimond(★5)(20/10/25)
We all need Nepali Server plz garena(★5)(20/10/22)
このゲームは親友に勧められて始めました。 最初は訳が分からず全くドン勝出来ませんでしたが、次第に操作になれドンドンキルができるようになりました。 巷で有名な銃系ゲームより 操作やルールが単調なのでやりやすく、キャラクターや衣装が沢山あるのでオススメです。 今では推し銃もできています😇😇😇 AKくん超可愛いです。一撃もでかく、ヘッドショットしたらほとんど一撃で倒せます。 フォルムから色違いにできるコーデまで 全部イケメンな大好きな推しです。 AKくん見つけたら抱いて使ってあげて ください😇 最後に言いますが…()ペットで癒し要素もあり、銃系ゲームの中でダントツで大好きです。 みんなAKくん使ってね。(★5)(20/10/18)
I am a free fire lover it’s my birthday and iam Poor nobody give gift plzzz sent me a diamond plzzz help me 1145473548 is my uid(★5)(20/10/15)
This game has so much of shooting developed my ears. I gone to shooting classes now I am an army leader this game changed my for years no one should say no to this game other wise I will come to your house(★5)(20/9/23)
Esse jogo é muito bom,mais Oq me preocupa mais e q tem muitos hack e pode dar uma queda no jogo por exemplo muitas pessoas podem parar de jogar acredito q free fire ainda vai ser o melhor jogo do mundo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️id:1142032180(★5)(20/9/14)
Game is showing speed royal I can’t play game Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz Repair it Plzzzzzz🥺🥺🥺(★5)(20/9/3)
With over 8 year can you please give me some diamond(★5)(20/8/24)
l love you game but i am your old user and i am planning your game with over 1 year Can you please give me some diamonds(★5)(20/8/22)
I am the old player of free fire my I’d was hack in 2018 pleAse give me some dimound in my new I’d Sumit505008C(★5)(20/8/18)
Give this account uid :377073845(★5)(20/8/17)
Please I am a player of free fire please don’t remove this game from Bangladesh , japan and India it is our favourite game if you remove this game we will be sad if you want to remove this game than we all we do something that will make you bring this game back so pls don’t remove this (free fire username; Mukdo7890(★5)(20/8/1)
Big fan of this game give me alok and elite pass plzz my uid is 796826518(★5)(20/7/29)
Sir. I love your game but im your old user. And I’m playing your games(★5)(20/7/24)
I am old players of free fire I have nothing please send me some diomand(★5)(20/7/18)
I am very old player player of free fire.i have nothing Dj alok character.please give me a Dj alok Dj alok character as soon as possible.(★5)(20/7/12)
Eu é minha mãe joga os muito free fire nos adoramos de verdade eu quero que as pessoas parem de usar hack è falarem palavrões eu também falava antigamente mais eu parei por que eu percebi que eu tava fazendo o errado hoje eu joguei com três pessoas é eles foram muito humilde comigo eu também elogiava eles eu falava tipo valeu a pena cara. Tenta da próxima vez.tu é bom viu eu quero que todo mundo no free fire sejam felizes é humildes Repassem essa mensagem pra todo mundo amo o free fire amo vocês Garena ❤️❤️(★5)(20/7/11)
I am a very gentle player of free Fire. I am a scar user and I don’t have any skin of scar I want some dimonds to buy crates of scar I know that you may understand my feelings. You give me dimonds for only one skin of scar. This game is so nice and full of fun. My Id of free fire is 17140836 I am hoping for a nice skin of scar.(★5)(20/7/7)
I have no thing give me some diamonds(★5)(20/7/2)
I am the old player of free fire .I have nothing please give me some diamond(★5)(20/7/1)
I am old players of free fire.I have nothing please give me diamond.(★5)(20/6/19)
I am old player of freefire. I have nothing please give me some diamond. My uid=1698901468. Please!(★5)(20/6/18)
I am old player of free fire I have nothing please give me some dimond(★5)(20/6/16)
I am old players of free fire I have nothing please give me some diamonds(★5)(20/6/14)
I am old freefire player I have nothing in my I’d please give me 1000 dimond my uid .224691514(★5)(20/6/14)
I’m old player of free fire. I have nothing. Please give me some diamond.(★5)(20/6/13)
Hello guys you got a good job i will a great fan of free fire Please give me 1000 diamonds id-1031597784(★5)(20/6/11)
Hello I’m old free fare player I have Nothing in my I’d please Give me 1000 diamond my uid 2013254665(★5)(20/6/10)
I am old players of free fire I have nothing please give me some diamond(★5)(20/6/7)
このゲームではエイムが自動っ的に敵に当たるのが簡単でいいです。 もしも欠点を言うなら、ただただ全体的にリアルでないと日本サーバーが無いことです。(★5)(20/6/4)
I am a old player of free fire i have nothing please give me diamond(★5)(20/6/3)
いつでも手軽にできるので最高です。 特に訓練モードってのがあるのが良いです!!(★5)(20/6/3)
what is this when I try to begin it tells network busy and i cant play freefire(★5)(20/6/3)
I am old player of free fire i have nothing please give me some dimonds(★5)(20/6/3)
I’m old player of free fire.i have nothing give me some diamond.(★5)(20/6/1)
I am a old player of freefire but not I have an new account because my old account is hacked so please send me some diamonds in my new account to NjjkjFr51058(★5)(20/5/31)
I am old player of free fire I have nothing please give me some diamonds(★5)(20/5/31)
I am old player of free fire.l have nothing please give me some diamond(★5)(20/5/31)
I’m old player of freefire please give me some dimond(★5)(20/5/30)
We need high fbs in smooth graphics(★5)(20/5/29)
Why did you ban my account I never cheat the game if I cheat you think that I will text you see my Id 1220168447 what is your problem I was start over my new account and I got banned in guest(★5)(20/5/19)
I need to play Indian saver because my Friends in srilanka(★5)(20/5/5)
Garena please you give a hip hop season 2 bundle(★5)(20/4/21)
We are not getting magic cube fragment today gareena(★5)(20/4/19)
Esse jogo é muito bom eu jogo ele até quando eu to 🤒🤒 É pq é muito feraaaaaaaa(★5)(20/2/22)
Good very good game graphics good voice chat impressive guns skins are good(★5)(20/1/30)
El mejor juego del mundo by: Ranses le hablo desde Peru(★5)(20/1/29)
Como faço pra remover minha conta do Facebook e adicionar outra ??(★5)(20/1/9)
Plz give season elite pass UID 1607000957 and happy new year(★5)(20/1/5)
Why my another acc is not opening .. plz would u solve this fast?(★5)(19/12/26)
Aloke character gold make pleasssssssssssssssssss(★5)(19/12/17)
見回しボタンがほしいけど ちなみに俺はコンピューターじゃないよ(★5)(19/12/11)
Hi free fire I ask u what date new version????(★5)(19/11/7)
ちょう楽しい! ゾンビモードなどもあっていい‼️❗️😂🤣😂😁(★5)(19/10/23)
ギルドトークンの使い道を増やして欲しいなぁ 無課金勢でも楽しめる楽しいアプリになってます 最高!!(★5)(19/8/31)
Heal é muito bom e É muito bom ficar(★5)(19/8/14)
めっちゃいいんですけど日本設定なのに台湾語でてくる 後、日本人少なすぎてVCできん…(★5)(19/8/14)
まずは腕前をあげて課金者を殺せるぐらいなったら言ってください そしてもしある方が課金したなら何が問題ですか?????????(★5)(19/8/4)
集弾率は他のどのゲームよりも悪い。 しかし、1番リアルに近いゲームだと思う。 それと、何もかも否定するのではなく、 その中にも長所があるから、短所だけに目を向けて発言しないで欲しい。(★5)(19/7/3)
Não ganhei o cartão de troca de nome ? Poderia me ajudar eu sempre gosta aqui e gostaria de suporte!(★5)(19/6/29)
あのね、とても面白くていいんだよ。うん。だけどね、1つだけちょっとあれなんだよ。当たり判定がおかしいんだよね。エイム合わせてるのにさ。ちょっと直してほしいかな? いいんだよ、とっても面白いからね。 頑張ってください。(★5)(19/6/16)
When you’re in a duo, as well as a squad, the group áudio just disappear. Please fix this, it’s have been happening for months.(★5)(19/5/8)
このゲームちょうどいい具合でパクリでもまぁまぁ許せる感じ。 あと、文句言ってるやつはPUBGで勝てなくてこのゲームでも勝てない人だろw 運営さんもうアプデせんくてもええやろ十分おもろいで(╹◡╹)(★5)(19/4/15)
1つけるやつとかどうせ荒野行動とかPUBGとかフォートナイトから流れてきた雑魚だろどうせ キルできないからって1つけるのはどうかと思うな 素直にゲームの感想を書こうよ 普通にグラフィックとかいいし楽しめますよ! 世界大会やるみたいなんで期待が高まります!バンコクですけどね笑(★5)(19/3/22)
このゲームは本当に良い! やろうと思っている人には勧める! でも強い人と弱い人の差が大きくて 負けることがあるね(★5)(19/3/10)
Sonia character make unstable game because you kill that Enemy other player gets the kill you have to Band this Sonia character or change that Ability It’s not Stable in the game(★3)(23/12/10)
I’m haven’t money I am noob please give me my id ff 3705416580 and diamond please(★4)(23/6/21)
前の前くらいのアプデで日本語対応しなくなって悲しい 日本語対応してほしいです(★4)(22/12/10)
Everything thing is just super fine but we need Nepali server(★4)(22/10/26)
私はこのゲームがとても好きです. 私の現在のゲーム: 「デス バトル」は「プラチナ」になり、「トップ エッジ」は「シルバー 3」だけになりました。(★4)(22/9/23)
いつも楽しく遊んでいます。 今回アップデートをしたところ、日本語に設定が出来なくなってしまいました。設定できるようにして欲しいです。(★4)(22/9/21)
ゲームプレイ中マップに飛んだ時、チーム内チャットを付けて欲しいです。 ボイスできない時、チャットで仲間と情報共有できるので、是非ゲームプレイ中のチャット機能を追加して欲しいです。(★3)(22/5/29)
銃声や、建物や、バトルロイヤルのバランスはいいと思う。 ただ、同じランク帯みたいな同じレベルの相手同士で戦いたい。 マップに降りるのが遅いのか、着地と同時に打たれた。最悪。しばらくやってみるけど…。(★3)(22/5/1)
Free Fire を初めてやって1ヶ月経ちました。私は元々このようなのはあまり得意ではなかったけど、意外と楽しいです。そしてコラボなどのイベント商品が沢山あり良いです。 でも、その商品を買うにはダイヤが必要で、それは課金でしか貰うことが出来ないので、課金しない人にはあまり楽しめないかもです。 ダイヤを課金をしなくても少しでも貰えるならこれからも続けたいと思います。(★3)(22/4/7)
Garena what are you doing My id is band 😡😡😡😡🤬 why are you banding my id(★4)(22/4/5)
どうすればジャンプで、屋根の上まで翔べるの? どうすれば壁を擦り抜けるの?同じ武器なのに当る回数が2回で死んで、こちらは2回じゃ死なないの? そんな人達とプレイしても楽しい訳ないじゃん! 何とかしてよ!!!!(★4)(22/1/3)
Wow what I love Thanks for this game(★4)(21/8/18)
Free fire please give me season 2 haha emote please(★4)(21/7/7)
Please send me season 2 bundle free fire is awesome my I’d. 2125976135(★4)(21/5/4)
Garena send me red custom card with in 24hrs.my uid : 2976982228(★3)(21/4/30)
試合中にクロノのバリア使ってる人いるけどまじでうざいなんであのスキルを追加したの? 持ってない俺からしたらまじでイライラする。 garena nyentod anjing bangsad(★3)(21/4/16)
In free fire app all things are perfect but we dont have any glue wall skin(★3)(21/4/14)
無課金でしたい人にとって課金しないと勝てれないものをつくるのはよくないと思います。 バリアのせいで勝てれないしバリアで勝てて楽しいのでしょうか? 昔のfree fire がいいです。 本当に戻してほしいです。 無課金でしたい人にはおすすめしません。(★4)(21/4/5)
O jogo em si é bão mais fica travando muito no meu iPhone 6 6 podia melhorar isso neh Q nem no começo do jogo quando era tudo leve(★4)(21/3/2)
4〜5やってみましたが、まあまあ面白かったです。 良い点 ・動作が軽い ・自分の好みで操作を変えられる ・銃の種類が結構豊富 改善点 ・オートダッシュが使いにくい ・リロードボタンと切り替えボタンを別にしてほしい ・訓練場が欲しい これがどうにかなればやりやすくなります(★3)(20/11/28)
タイマン機能とかないんですか? 動きがもっと速くなったらいいなあ あとダイヤ配布してほしい!たくさん! コメント欄みたいなの作ってほしい! あとマッチングもっと早くしてほしい! 運営さん!おねがいします!(★3)(20/11/17)
Please give us our minor bundle. We are not able to buy please garena help.(★4)(20/9/29)
Please change my server in Singapore server I want to play with my friends shemLeo5100Q(★4)(20/9/26)
Please update the controls like the one in pubg ☹️(★4)(20/9/9)
The game is not a proper updates please make updates a fast mode(★4)(20/9/3)
Garena, I play from indian server I find a problem that I am not able to see the gun skins of teammates or enimies in match time but I am able to see there skins in lobby. My device is I phone 6: But my friends are able to see my gun skins. Please solve this problem. Please please please garena . Thank you .(★3)(20/8/27)
Iam a old player in freefire could you give some diamonds(★4)(20/6/22)
アップデート入る前は全然ゲームできてたのに、 ここ最近は、ゲームを開いてガチャなどあるホームに来たらネットワーク接続エラーになる! ネットワーク接続してるのにしっかり確認したのに 再起動しても治らないし、 ゲームしてる人達に聞いたら勝手に落ちることが増えたとかたくさん聞きました! 今まですごく楽しくて、またやりたいとか思ってたのに 今回のいきなり接続エラーとかでイライラしてます! どうにかしてください!(★3)(20/6/20)
Garena minha conta foi hackeada meu nome é Saas’a se poder me ajudar eu agradeço(★4)(20/6/15)
Sorry garena please mere Ishmae clash squad ranked open kar do please garena ab kabhi bhi exit to looby Nahi karonga sorry garena la do please muje pata ni tha band hoo jaega clash squad ranked please khol do garena uid name - 138900967(★4)(20/6/7)
I also don’t know japneese I am also confused I should be in Indian server(★4)(20/6/3)
I Should not be in japnes server i am in wrong server(★3)(20/6/3)
I am old players of Free fire l have nothing please give me some Dimond(★3)(20/5/30)
けっこう簡単 しかし、メニューなどは複雑なので、FPS初心者にはお勧め出来ません 他のゲームで基礎知識などがあれば、息抜き程度に楽しめます!(★4)(20/5/29)
Eu recarreguei 1060 diamantes e o jogo não me deu a caixa do pet do hamster se vc quiser resolver o problema free fire esse é meu id 1016988885 só vou de dar 4 estrelas pq gosto muito do jogo(★4)(20/4/26)
私はこのゲームをサブアカウントのアイフォン5でやってますがグラフィック設定を最高にしても重くならないし 人数が50だから試合もスムーズに終わるスコープ合わしても弾がまっすぐ飛ばないとかいってる人居ますけど 武器によって正確な射撃が出来ないことがあります伏せたりしゃがんだりレベルが高い銃口を探して下さいそうすればかなり当たるようになりますよそれか単発撃ちすれば精度がすごく上がります。悪い所はランク戦の時間が短過ぎますもっと長い間でもできるようにして下さいお願いします。 無料でやらせて貰ってますけどダイヤを配布するイベントがあってもいいと思いました長文失礼します。(★4)(20/3/31)
最初難しいかもですが ハマる😋 使ってーID1082427258(★4)(19/8/31)
最初の感想としては課金してしてアピールの激しいPUBGのパクリゲー。 ただ、PUBGが少し難しいと感じる人にはいいのかも。ゲーマーには簡単すぎる。 軽くノリで友人と なんてシュチュエーションには適してる。(★4)(19/7/21)
手短に勝ってスカッとしたい時はこっち。 腰据えて勝負したい時はPUBG。 基本的にはPUBG派だけどこれはこれでいい。 ただ、周りを見回したり走りながら姿勢低くしたり出来ないのはちょっと気になるかも。(★3)(19/6/27)
うんー 設定のカスタマイズがイマイチ 後走る時いちいちコントロール部分から手を離さないといけないのもダメかなー(★3)(19/6/9)
日本語訳がしっかりしていない。 例えば、送り仮名がおかしかったりする。 ゲーム自体は結構いいと思う。(★3)(19/3/21)
ゲームとしては非常に面白いです。 ただチーターがいるので正々堂々としたい自分としてはその時は面白くないです。 何か対策ないですか。(★3)(19/3/20)
Na hora de comprar diamantes está dando erro de transação o valor esta em dollar em vez de iein Está bugado(★2)(24/1/28)
Dear Garena this is perfect game until you bring some good character like Sonia Orin dimitri etc todays 95% players are using that unfair characters mainly thing old players are leaving this because of this new updates and return every rear things that craze the game but there is no left to call rear and if you don’t want to lose your old players and YouTubers you have to balance the game I hope will change any thing that helps all good players who are about to leave this game.(★1)(23/11/29)
Worst Game update ever Continues Network problem(★1)(23/11/2)
File corruption retry problem . Alwaysss I have to delete free fire and download again if this bug doesn’t fix I am not playing free fire . And i am going to sue freefire cause I have done topup and my all money is waste !!(★1)(23/10/29)
What the fix is this joystick glitch When we touch joystick character change the direction automatically fix it fast(★1)(23/1/12)
Please send me diamonds my uid. 2807664108(★1)(22/9/3)
Op35 update is very very very noob(★2)(22/7/20)
I am from nepal and I play this game since 2years and my server wasn’t transferred my player I’d is 850871712 pls transfered it I also report in customer service but nothing happen(★1)(22/4/25)
Mic banned system is not good😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 This makes no proper games between team mate 😡😡😡(★1)(22/3/27)
Então esse jogo é prejudicial à saúde porque pode fazer nascer em sua cabeça um par de chifres, vamos acionar autoridades sobre isso, Isso é um absurdo, na verdade a soma de tudo isso é cringe, vamos parar de fabricar esses jogos que deixa as pessoas mais e mais cornas #paregarenadecriarjogosdecornocoitadosdetososquejoganaotemnamoradamasecornoevirgemaomesmotempo(★1)(22/3/25)
I am Freon Nepal but my server is still in India make a new thing and solve this(★1)(22/3/24)
Remove illiminate and get 5star(★1)(22/1/25)
やって3ヶ月ぐらいになるけど面白いゲームだと思うけどダイヤの入手方法をもう少し増やしてほしい ランク戦で勝った時と負けた時が釣り合わない 買っても少ししか上がらないけど負けたときはものすごく下がる(★1)(22/1/6)
Không chịu cải thiện game , game ngày càng lag và giật , vào game hay bị lỗi 502 , không quan tâm đến cảm xúc của người chơi , cực kì tệ !(★1)(22/1/5)
I didn’t get the hideout topup event on my id . Why? This . Are you discriminating Me? My uid 1705312999 please send me the invitation 🥺🥺😭😭otherwise i will delete freefire from my smart phone .😏(★2)(21/12/14)
My account can’t not top up I’m so sad to Play This game(★1)(21/11/4)
Eu estava dentro da nova bolha do inimigo e ainda assim , não consegui dar dano nele, e recentemente, mesmo que eu entre em uma parede, o inimigo consegue me atirar!!!(★1)(21/9/23)
We are facing glitches like Windows glitches 🙃🙃 Please remove fast as you can. Hope you will solve this problem.(★1)(21/8/23)
This game is not a free fire I recommend you. To change game name freefire to pay2win games👎👎(★1)(21/8/11)
Can’t add friends play together . Try the nickname . Try the UID code . Nothing is work .(★1)(21/8/10)
#say no to pay to win ind server request to Singapore(★1)(21/8/10)
No pay to win , only play to win no skins only skills(★1)(21/8/7)
I need daimond and break dancer code then I will give u 5 star😆😆(★1)(21/8/4)
I am suprised how this game changed into pay2win game(★1)(21/8/4)
Please remove gunskin from india server(★1)(21/8/2)
I just bought return bundle but I don’t get any diamonds and guns skins also..(★1)(21/7/14)
操作性がゴミすぎてすぐに飽きました。こんなゲームに比べたら荒野行動やCodの方が数千倍も操作性良い。このゲームをやる価値は微塵もありません。海外の人達は飽きずにやってるようですけど動画を見る限り運ゲー、もしくは暇人で極めてる人だけしかハマってない こんなゲームは時間の無駄です(★1)(21/7/12)
チャットで日本人ですと英語で書くと消される 運ゲー おもん無い もっと開発するべき pubgした方が楽しい 楽しくないし競技性なし フォートバトル行動ファイトよりは面白い(★1)(21/6/28)
バトロワゲーとしての基本的な要素は概ね備えており、武器種もそこそこ多い方。 人口はさほど多くはなく序盤はbotで埋め尽くされるが、それは殆どのバトロワで同じなので仕方ない。とはいえ、単純にゲームシステムの難点が多いので、人口の多いランクまで上げるのが非常に苦痛。 ○問題点 ADS(エイム視点での射撃)を使わない腰だめ撃ちが圧倒的に強すぎる。 とにかくエイムアシスト(敵に標準が自動で吸い付く機能)が異常に強力で、移動している敵にも極めて正確に標準が合ってしまう。 SMGの腰だめ撃ちは特に凶悪。ある意味実銃の再現と言えなくもないが、腰だめ撃ちの散布率が圧倒的に低いのでごり押せる局面が多い。 逆にエイム視点での射撃は弱すぎる。(なぜか)腰だめ撃ちと同等かそれ以下の割合で弾が四方にバラけるため、標準が合っていてもほとんどまっすぐ飛ぶことがない。 遠距離の敵ならともかく、肉眼でもまともに視認できる中距離戦ですらバラけまくるため、アサルトライフルの出番は少ない。背後に回るなどしてSMGで中距離戦を展開した方が勝率は高い。 操作性は微妙で、動作は全体的に固い。ワンタップエイムも存在せず、マップの足跡による補足も出来ない(この辺は、むしろない方が面白くなるパターンもあるが)。 セーフゾーンの外側ダメージは前半後半ともに変化は確認出来ず、前半でうっかりセーフゾーン外に出てしまった場合のスリップダメージはかなり高い。ローリングなどの緊急回避アクションもなく、ジャンプと伏せのみという古臭いスタイルを貫き通しており、全体的な戦略性やアクション性、個性が全く感じられない。 ○良点 前述の通り、武器種は豊富。特にP90があるのは個人的に驚いたところ。 最低限バトロワの形にはなっている。消費アイテムやアタッチメントも一通りはある。 ○評 バトロワは出来ているのですが、この作品をあえて遊びたいとはあまり思えませんでした。 とにかくエイムアシストが強すぎるのは低評価の決定打で、リコイル制御や正確なエイムの練習をしたり、先制攻撃を上手くかわしたりする広義としての「撃ち合い」が出来ないのは辛いです。 スライディング、ローリングを代表としたアクションによる戦略性もないですが、ギリギリ立ち回りや裏取りを考える楽しみ方は残っています。 とはいえ、そこを楽しむなら他に選択肢が幾らでもある気がするという点で、この作品にしかないメリットは極めて希薄な感じがしました。(★2)(21/5/29)
I have been playing this game for last 3 yrs b4 it was good now it’s all about diamonds and the ping issue. This is so harsh game c(★1)(21/5/26)
I’m 80 level player from Nepal I don’t see any fair platform for Nepal .(★1)(21/5/19)
Nepal should get to chance to play tournament. And there is hight ping issu . Solve fast then I give 5 star rate. Don’t discriminate the country. Solve the ping issu.(★1)(21/5/18)
Platform for nepal We need justice(★1)(21/5/18)
Hey garena we need a fair platform for Nepal and we need official tournaments!!(★1)(21/5/18)
Dear Free Fire, We all Nepali players are facing problem of high ping issue please fix this please out of 10 match I can only play 3 or 4 matches the also with a high ping please garena this please stop Dominating Nepal please we don’t need platform at least fix this high ping issue please I beg of u :((★1)(21/5/18)
We are facing many ping problems only in Nepal but in India and blangadesh there is normal , why this is for Nepal? And we need separate Nepali server. Sooo please do something for this.(★1)(21/5/18)
Stop dominating Nepalis we are gorkhali we know how to take action against you just wait and watch you should solve ping problem and you should give platform for Nepal. We are nepalis the great gorkhalis(★1)(21/5/17)
Fair platform for Nepal Issues in hogh ping problem(★1)(21/5/17)
There is many problem in ff now a days . Pin was automatically become high in game .need justices for Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵(★1)(21/5/17)
There are many problem in our survey our ping is high999+ we want good pin for playing game plz solv this ping problem(★1)(21/5/16)
In our country Nepal there is ping problem so that’s why we cannot play game well.So I request to you that plz fix the ping problem(★1)(21/5/16)
# platform for Nepal # stop dominate Nepal 🇳🇵(★1)(21/5/16)
Stop Dominating Nepal Fair platform for Nepal Many Underrated players are in nepal so please give #PlatformforNepal🇳🇵(★1)(21/5/16)
#Platform for Nepal #Stop dominating for Nepal 🇳🇵(★1)(21/5/16)
Indian(Dhoti Ko Santaan)Are Very Noob. All they do is camping they don’t know how to play steal from their parents and buy chrono use double vector still noobs camp and even can’t take a single kill they are worst than bots ban them because they better play ludo because indian players tumsey na ho payega lala(★1)(21/5/5)
Sir I am a freefire player I have no diamonds and i go to delete your game I am so angry on your game please give me 10000 diamonds in this UID :-2312378712(★1)(21/5/2)
Podia ter opção de deletar conta no FF pfv leiam(★2)(21/5/1)
Dear garena, I am genuine player of free fire 15 days ago my free fire account was suspended for no reason.im very sad to see that my normal account is suspended for no reason Thousands of hackers are playing with third party apps and cheats in freefire but they are not getting banned, And genuine normal players are getting banned for no reason. I swear that have never used any hack or third party application to cheat freefire. My I'd is just suspended because of game turbo that is by default installed in our mobile. IT is basically a system application. I have spent a lot of money on my account and there are a lot of affords on my id. My freefire was suspended 100% in system error of garena, Dear garena kindly check my account and unsuspended it. Garena freefire is unfair game this is only for hacker and cheaters not for genuine players....please review my account once again and recover my account as soon as possible. My uid:519256102 Best reagards, In game name:LE BARSHA🇳🇵 #unsuspendedfairplayers.(★1)(21/4/27)
Wow what a stupid game every one have aim bot not need to use skill to aim or even use brain to think how to attach or need to defense and toxic player so many of them and also a lot of to hack(★1)(21/4/15)
We dont mwed any prize pool but we want an tournamnet for nepal so that we can be equal to bangladesh And there are good sqds also Like Dada gangg Nepolian Royal gurkha Nepathya Titan etc So we want it(★1)(21/4/8)
単刀直入ハッキリ言うと面白くないです。 まず、走るボタンを押さないと走れない。 グラフィックは最悪。 マッチは遅い。 レベル20からじゃないとランクマなどのイベントに参加出来ない。 コントロールのカスタマイズが出来ないところがある。 車に乗っている時、前しか見えず、周りを見渡せない。 他にも多々あります。 もしかすると、設定などで変えれるのかもしれませんが、このような事からあまりオススメするようなゲームではありません。 1度入れてみてご自身で確認させるのも良いかと思います。(★1)(21/3/28)
音声が出ませんiPhone8ですが... 知り合いのAndroidは音声出る。 iPhone対応してない?(★2)(21/3/28)
Gda jasto free fire mugi game ma kati ho kati bug xan tara pani teni haru lai ignore gararw kai garanam tara pani yo game bata back graidini bug tw kaila ni na jani vayo yauta munxa ki 10 ota match ma 1 yauta matra kalna paixw 9 ota match ma vana back vaya ko vayai garxw yo bug fix gar natra garena ko offical area kata xw to area lai bome la udidinxu bugiex mugi.(★1)(21/2/13)
I kindly request garena ta bring Nepali server in the indian server we couldnt play properly the game lag, the ping is always high, and there are more other issues in the game please give us Nepali server(★1)(21/2/10)
Game burik gini anjer bikin sakit mata(★1)(21/1/27)
Every time costum glitch only 500 mb why problem in costum Garena solve this problem(★1)(21/1/16)
We need Nepali server 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡(★1)(21/1/5)
プレイヤーが少なすぎてマッチアップしない この現象は以前からでしたがまるで改善して無い。(★1)(21/1/5)
まず初めに言うとバトロワ経験者は困惑すると思う。 このゲーム銃の適正距離さえ守ってれば腰うちで絶対当たる。 リコイル制御なんてものはない、なぜならいくら打っても照準がブレないからである。 バトロワ経験者にはオススメ出来る内容ではない。このゲームからバトロワを始めた初心者はまず間違いなく他のバトロワ系ゲームでは勝てないだろう。(★1)(21/1/4)
The bug in the game is whenever I go to Any custom I will return please fix our problem(★2)(21/1/4)
操作性が悪すぎてあらぬ方向へ行く操作キャラ。弾丸がまっすぐとんでいき反動の挙動がおかしい銃。どこかで見たようなMAP。あまりにも弾丸を当てすぎるbot。←これは自分が下手なだけかも。 そのほかにもたくさんのバグがあり、プレイできたものじゃない。これやるんだったらPUBGMOBILEでもやってください。(★1)(20/12/27)
My internet is so fast but in India region ping is so high(★1)(20/12/25)
正直何がおもろいのかわからない 課金しろって圧力が凄まじいのだけがわかった(★1)(20/12/20)
We want Nepali server 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵plz(★2)(20/11/15)
Band sizal id hes not 12 years and he is a haker i guss.(★1)(20/10/30)
Đề nghị nhà phát hành chỉnh lại lỗi lag và giật trên các thiết bị IOS , muốn game phát triển thì phải nghe góp ý của gamer... Chơi thế này chắc anh em IOS bỏ hết(★1)(20/10/28)
Subject : We want Bangladesh server in Garena Free Fire. Dear Garena, Attention me please sir, we the people of Bangladesh have facing many problems.The problems are given below : 1. Ping Problem: We can't play Freefire for high ping issue.We have good ping when we play PUBG game.Our average ping is 500+ so that we the Bangladeshi people can't play this game smothly. 2.We can't top up Diamonds directly from Bangladesh.Can't buy Airdrop from Google Play Store. There is no such facility with Bangladeshi mobile banking. 3.We don't get events for our nation days like (Eid Ul-Adha, Eid Ul-Fitor, International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Victory Day,Ramadan and Pohela Boishakh etc) in our country. So, we have some demands. First we want bangladesh server in Garena Free Fire and We want special day events.And we need to facilitate diamond recharge from our country. We hope you will work on our problems. If we don't get any response from you, we all of Bangladeshi player will stop Diamonds Top Up and playing this game.All the YouTubers in Bangladesh have come together.Please Kindly Solved Our problems and take necessary step to give Bangladesh server. Thanks(★1)(20/10/25)
You always give rare item in newly created accounts. But when we topup in real account and open gun crates you will not given until all diamonds are finished and topup again 😡😡😡😡.In INDIAN server you used to given 50% discounts in luck royals but not not even that...(★1)(20/10/25)
full controll only オートエイム「AUTO AIM」no(★1)(20/9/30)
How much time for ready server garena i am very upset today!!(★1)(20/9/23)
海外の友達と遊びたくて始めたのに一緒に遊ぶ事ができません。サーバーが違うからだと思うのですが。サーバーを変更する事はできませんか? I started because I wanted to play with a friend overseas, but I can't play with them. I think it's because the server is different. Is it possible to change the server?(★1)(20/9/5)
You need to take out kar98k biometrics(★1)(20/8/26)
Why this connection timeout is in game this makes us irritate it continuosly close the game(★1)(20/8/6)
U. Are making the game its good thing But try to solve the server issue Whenever u play game they throw out of the game And also show black screen for always We cant play in thai type of server Either control the server or delete this game form store your self Matherchode(★1)(20/8/2)
Não e contra squad? Pq so cai 3 pessoas Me Diga "GARENA" Tenho Cara De Morto 💀?😑 Touxa Toxica Bebezona Desculpa Me Da Um Codiguin🙏🏻 Eu Vou chola Se N Me Der poi favoi Pai:Se Não Arrumar Isso Vou Mandar Meu Filho Excluir Esse Game E Abaixar Minecraft. BAIANA🦋(★1)(20/7/24)
Por que as vezes só cai três pessoas se é squad 😡😡😡 Se não arrumar isso vou começar a jogar MINECRAFT ☘️(★1)(20/7/24)
We can't enter a 4 man squad in ranked, custom matches every time it shows connection time out problem and kicked one player from the game so the connection problem should be fixed as soon as fast otherwise we have to change the game and shift to other game. Thank you(★1)(20/7/23)
My game is been back in middle of the game auto back promblem plz fix it(★1)(20/7/18)
Dear Garena! Lately we(my friends too) have been experiencing connection timed out problem! When this garena brawl bash tournament happened this bug is happening regularly! On this tournament on every game literally every game one member is missing! That’s why we got so few points! We need our compensation!(★2)(20/7/10)
Tại sao mình bị văng RA NGOÀI FIXX ĐI LÀM ƠN TRÊN IPHONE 7 plus(★2)(20/7/10)
I am old players of free fire. I have nothing please give some diamond on id 1895924735(★2)(20/7/4)
荒野はむずすぎるし、PUBGも頭打ちになったしキャラ可愛くないしと思ってダウンロードしてみたけれど、操作性悪いし、見難いし、マップ邪魔すぎるし、判定意味不明だしで良い所を見つけられ無い。 唯一、荒野よりは動きやすかったけど、アプデで荒野の動きもPUBGのようにぬるぬるになった。 なんなら名前も入力したものじゃなくなってたし、国籍も台湾になってるしで意味不明。 パクリと思しきキャラだけ気になるから、たまにちまっと見てるけど、やる度に後悔するレベル。(★2)(20/6/29)
I downloaded the game but after opening the game it only shows loading for 4 to 5 min and says cannot be downloaded retry(★1)(20/6/27)
I am old players of free fire. But I have nothing please give me some diamond(★1)(20/6/25)
Hello I am old player I have nothing,s in my I’d Give me 1000 diamond,s(★2)(20/6/16)
Didn’t get falcon and any msg 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡why this garrera doing this😡(★1)(20/6/15)
I cannot open free fire with my account please gareana please solve this problem(★1)(20/6/7)
I like pubg but I don’t like free fire because in pubg I can play with friends where they are far from me as in another country but in free fire I can not play because of server so fix it(★1)(20/6/6)
Please make sure we get good and better ping in india server(★1)(20/6/3)
Essa desgrama de jogo só tem hack, uns 34 hack por partida. Ñ da mais Garena esse jogo vai acabar desse jeito, n ta dando mais pra jogar, jogo isso a 1 ano e meio e nunca houve tanto hack assim, pq sera? Deve ser pq vcs só pensam em skin, calsa angelical e tals, se toca Garena se nao esse jogo vai pro saco!(★1)(20/5/28)
Gameplay is good, but without diamonds u can’t do anything If we have to pay to play, then playing is waste of time So I am switching to pubg In that there are lots of things that are available without real-time money(★2)(20/5/28)
Lamentável jogo muito bom, mas cheio de hacker(★1)(20/5/26)
Indian region is hacker arena😭 i really hate this game 😖😣(★1)(20/5/25)
I am playing Indian region at nepal and i stay in japan now. There are some events like (diamond streamer ) but at here we cant download the app now . We also need chance .There is a BOOYAH application in which we can’t download this in foreign countries like Japan. Please do this. I may leave this game now.(★1)(20/5/19)
I don’t like this Fucking Game i hate All thing Fuck this Game(★1)(20/5/12)
My game is not opening and my VIP login in being invalid. My top up is being declined but money is being cut from account . Maintain in garena . I am very upset .😿😿(★1)(20/5/7)
I am in a wrong server. I am in Japan and i am conmected with taiwan server. i even dont know the language and its been difficult to understand the words. My u id is 1912016078. Please help me to connect with indian server.(★2)(20/5/1)
Hey ! Members of freefire who are watching please make my account work properly because of the ping my account is not having a proper play. When I check the ping in other games it is very nice but in freefire it directly goes to 999ms many times also when the internet is in work properly So,please solve my this problem immediately......(★1)(20/4/30)
Lado Bata Top Up Ho Muji ! Nepali Li HepeyKo RandiKoBan Haru Muji ! Machickney! Lado(★1)(20/4/28)
I’ve been playing this since season 4 Now xm8 is better than Cupid scar And its just a theme skin so please improve in scar 🥺(★2)(20/4/21)
Garena help me plz give me 1000 daimond(★2)(20/4/13)
To be honest,I am not pleased with this game because it has very slow match making and lagging problem.So,I kindly request you to you to eradicate these kinds of problems.Wishing for the betterment of this application.(★1)(20/3/27)
My internet work perfectly but when i open free fire it stopped working.But others app like youtube,tiktok,google etc they work perfectly.What the hell is going on.So please i request you to solve this problem.Thank you(★2)(20/3/25)
このゲームは他のバトロワゲーと比べると全てにおいて下位互換だと思った。 このゲームに星5つけてる人他のゲームやったことある?????(★1)(20/1/26)
O jogo é muito bom... só q infelizmente a Garena não está nem aí pra quem usa hack ... pelo menos coloquem o cartão pra não perder pontos à venda (diamantes) porq do jeito q tá desanima jogar!!!(★2)(20/1/19)
Ai am fix hộ bố cái lỗi phát, địt bà chúng mày(★1)(19/12/29)
Wrost update ever I think old controls is very better than nows You have to improve your gold royal custumes(★1)(19/12/11)
Using an iPhone 6s and the app doesn’t even open. I’ve tried restarting my phone but still nothing. It’s quite upsetting.(★1)(19/11/5)
ボットみたいな動きしてる人しかいなかったし 全然おもしろくない!٩(๑`^´๑)۶(★1)(19/7/16)
ドユコト? ボットが多くていいみたいなことかいてあって入れてみたけど、流石にボット多すぎ一気に12人くらいに打たれた 弾はすぐ切れるしスコープで当たっているはずなのに変なところに行くしバトロワとして成り立ってない 今までで最悪のゲーム レビューで星5を描いてる人は意味がわかんない 絶対入れないで 時間と容量の無駄です まるでシロートが作ったゲームみたいで これなら荒○行動の方が面白い 星は0にしたい バトロワなんてなのんなよ(★2)(19/7/11)
異様に低い感度 最悪の操作性 課金優遇なゲームバランス 中身の薄い試合(★1)(19/6/29)
Eu gostaria que fizessem algo a respeito pois fiz a recarga e não recebi o prêmio, resolvam o problema urgente espero uma resposta. Tenham mas respeito com seu público(★1)(19/6/25)
Lol have sigup button but cant click(★1)(19/6/13)
弾の集団性悪いわ 課金したら武器強くなるわ どうなってんだ?笑笑 課金した人としてない人の武器の強さの差が酷すぎる しかもバトロワなのに課金したら降りた瞬間にフル装備とか勝てるわけない あとチーターをなくせ(★1)(19/4/14)
パクリだし、手抜きのような感じしかしない。 荒野行動やPUBGとは全然違う。(★1)(19/3/23)
アプデ入ってから、今まで落ちなかったのに落ちやすくなり…つまらん! アプデなんていらん!(★1)(19/3/21)