• iOSデバイスでコントローラーを使用していると、スキルアイコンが表示されない問題が発生することがある。
  • RBとRTボタンに対応するアイコンが表示されず、ボタンが動作しないことがある。
  • 問題が続く場合は、カスタマーサポートにフィードバックを提供する。
  • その他の既知の問題とアップデート情報は公式サイトを参照。

V4.7 Known Issues & Update (06/05)

V4.7 Known Issues & Update (06/05) Genshin Impact Official 2h ago Follow Dear Travelers:To ensure that all Travelers have the best-possible Genshin Impact experience, our developers continually make optimizations and bug fixes to the game based on Travelers’ feedback.〓Known Issues〓1.There is an issue under certain circumstances whereby Travelers using controllers with iOS devices will encounter issues of corresponding skill icons not displaying for the bumper button and trigger button (taking the XBOX wireless controller as an example, corresponding to the RB and RT buttons), and the buttons not working when pressed.Travelers who encounter this issue can try to restore the default controller button settings through the “Settings/Controls” interface as a temporary fix to the issue. Travelers can reset the button control settings as needed subsequently. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Service to provide feedback.2.There is an issue whereby incorrect voice-over resources for some of Sethos’s Chinese voice-overs were used in the cutscene animation of Cyno’s Story Quest Lupus Aureus Chapter: Act II “Oathkeeper.” This issue will be fixed in Version 4.8.〓2024/06/05 17:10 (UTC+8)〓1.Fixes an issue whereby there is a text error in the namecard “Achievement: Poetic Pages” in the Simplified Chinese interface.2.Fixes an issue whereby there are text errors in the namecard “Sethos: Ba Fragment” in the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese interfaces. Genshin Impact • Game News & suggestions Repost allowed 465 2 1 1 1 1




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