• Primogem Rewardsイベントが開催されている。
  • Windtraceイベントに参加してPrimogemsを獲得できる。
  • イベント期間は5月14日から5月26日まで。
  • コメントや投稿をすることで参加できる。
  • 参加者には「Wanderer Comment Decoration」とPrimogemsがもらえる。
  • 6月2日以降、当選者のリストが更新される。

Primogem Rewards: Who’s the Hide & Seek Champion? Take Part in the Event to Win Primogems

Primogem Rewards: Who’s the Hide & Seek Champion? Take Part in the Event to Win Primogems Diligent Hilichurls 8m ago Follow Olah! Hello, Traveler~Time for another exciting Windtrace event to begin!Travelers, do you know any great hiding spots or have any tips you can share with me? (I won’t tell the Hunters, pinky promise!)How to ParticipateSimply leave a comment in the comments section or make a post under the topic #Windtrace sharing your hide-and-seek experiences, and you’ll be considered a successful participant.Event DurationMay 14 – May 26, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)Winners Notice: The list of winners will be updated in this post after June 2.Event RewardsTake part in the event for a guaranteed “Wanderer Comment Decoration” (permanent)!I will randomly choose 200 Travelers, each of whom will receive Primogems ×160.Hilichurl’s Hint: Use a combination of images and text to make your comment/post more vivid~Notes1. Please go to My Information > Information Management > Game Information Management > Genshin Impact to fill in your Genshin Impact UID ahead of time. If winning Travelers have not filled in their UID after the results are announced, they will be deemed to have forfeited their Primogems reward.2. The following situations will be considered invalid participation:a. The content posted violates Community Rules, or plagiarized, or misappropriated content from other authors.b. Publishing content unrelated to the theme of the event, content that contain any form of advertising, and those which seek to spread malicious rumors or discredit the game and its characters. Genshin Impact • Discussions & Sharing Windtrace Repost allowed




One thought on “原神:新イベント「風追跡」開催!ヒリチャールのヒントでプリモジェムをゲットしよう!”

  1. Windtraceイベントはいつも楽しそうですね!プライモジェムを獲得できるチャンスがあるのは嬉しいです。自分の隠れる場所や戦術を他のプレイヤーと共有するのも楽しそうです。イベントに参加してみたいと思います!